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Local Content Partnerships Initiative

​An initiative that aims at enhancing the contribution of the public and private sectors in terms of local content through strategic partnerships and unifying the efforts and experiences of major national companies in local content.

Strategic Partnerships Objectives

  1. Defining a baseline and setting goals and initiatives that contribute to increasing  the development of local content.
  2. Sharing international best practices for developing local content.
  3. Work on amending the regulations and policies related to procurement and tenders.
  4. Activating the technical and educational workshops in order to increase the awareness of the partners' employees about the local content.
  5. Providing technical support for local content applications and concepts.​

From the strategic initiative emerged the Local Content Coordination Leadership Council. Led by LCGPA, ; LCLC was established to lead the development of local content under one umbrella to funnel the interests of the private sector and unify their efforts. The council is also working to strengthen strategic partnerships with key national private sector players, based on specific criteria​.

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